Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some Photos to Pass the Time

Tiny Projects are still going along nicely; Scream, Laugh, Cry was shot yesterday, today is Improve Dinner Scene, and tomorrow will be Monologues/Stories/Ranting. The Storyboards for the extremely short West Side Story parody, East Hollywood Story, were also finished today, and once I find about ten people willing to be 'snappers', we'll shoot. Still need to get that pick-up shot for The 'V' Word, too... Until then, though, here are some photos in the new slide show at right.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tiny Projects are on the loose!

That's right- right now we're thinking small.

Today the newest project The 'V' Word will be shot and (hopefully) transferred today, edited Saturday, and posted Monday. From what I know, it'll be DancingBean's first intentional comedy.

The next projects will be White Walls, which are basically movies that take place in front of, you guessed it, a white wall. Those will be: Improv. Dinner Scene, James Brown 'Get Down', Scream Cry Laugh, Monologues, and possible others.

The big project will be a VERY short musical that parodies West Side Story, in particularly the Sharks and Jets scene. It will be EHHS themed, of course.

I'd also like to do a simple music video to a Bowman Band song, but that is still yet to be planned.

All of this is to help generate some film activity at EHHS, since nobody seems to be doing much of anything, and to also get something done for Telos. Between the Hilt and the Blade is still coming along slowly, but will be kicked into full gear once Telos is over with.

Til Then.