Friday, April 13, 2012

Our Domain + Cinematography Reel

In case you didn't notice, DancingBean Films has an official .com address now.
Yep, we're just like the cool kids.

I've also begun work on another class project, this one entitled "Intestinal Fortitude". It's about competitors in a food eating competition (directed by Dan Bosler), and stars an old teacher and friend of mine, Ren Shore.
You can see to the right the mock poster I've already created. I'm actually very pleased with how it's turning out, and I think it has some of my best work in it already.

You can see shots from the film in my reel.
Oh yeah, I have just finished my newest Cinematography reel and have posted it here to share with you all.

I'm really looking forward to these next two projects I'll be working on- one being a surreal love story?, which I am making with Dixon Narwhold and the rest of my group for Cinematography, and then Bruised, of course. I think they're going to turn out beautifully, and I'm incredibly excited to begin working on them.

Meanwhile, over in good ol' Massachusetts, Alek is working on a million different projects it seems, along with some of his own, and I'll hopefully be posting or linking to those on here as well in due time.