Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Telos Is Approaching

So we've finally finished editing and submitting our staggering 11 pieces (and 1 script) into Telos. Snow White, while completely edited with sound and all, refuses to export without throwing the visuals out of sync with the audio. Terribly frustrating, let me tell you. We had the same problem when exporting an episode for FromMyTable2Yours, and unfortunately I can't recall how I fixed it. The only thing we can think to do now is to try and export it on a computer other than Alek's laptop, Conan the Destroyer. We'll probably end up using a MacMini, and if all goes well it should be exported today. If not, I give up. I haven't the faintest idea what to do.

I also plan to make a copy of 'The 'V' Word' and send it to the Utah High School Film Festival, but then again, that may not happen either. (EHHS vs. Nehi, too)

Otherwise, Between The Hilt and The Blade looks like it probably won't happen. I've sort of given up on that too, so at the moment I'm not worried. It's only my summer's profits of around $300 down the drain.

No idea what's next, but if something happens, it'll be here, and as soon as I re-export the 11 entries for the internet they will be posted.