Sunday, March 18, 2012

Little Hollywood Shootout & Hit Me

We did it! Just got back from the Little Hollywood Shootout Film Festival down in Kanab, Utah (which was a whopping 5 1/2 hour drive one way, nearly to Arizona. Whew!). We ended up winning third place (tying with Seaich Films' short Bloodshot Rots). Actually, the creator of Seaich Films, Jared Seaich, happens to be friends with Shawn Gordon, a well-known Utah make-up artist, who is in turn friends with OUR make-up artist friend Jonathan Aspittle. PLUS, he worked on a short film for the Utah High School Film Festival (If I recall?) called Clavis, which was pretty cool. He and his whole team were incredibly nice (besides talented!), and I hope that someday Seaich films and DancingBean films can collaborate on one big badass project of pure win!

More info about the festival: Little Hollywood Shootout is a 49 1/2 hour festival. Their theme this year was "out of this world", so we decided to go with a sci-fi western, with poorly done lasers, duct-tape+random junk weapons, spurs, and all! Our required line of dialogue was "Raising Kane". We had a TON of fun making this project, and we definitely plan on doing this festival again! Our team consisted of: Me (Anna), Robin, Katherine, Tyler, Ellie, Kyle, and Alek (from afar. He helped with the writing.)

I also just started work as DP on David Westphal's new film Hit Me, which he is planning to submit to the Your Film Festival that YouTube is hosting. We should be all done shooting that in the next few days. After that, the next project that I know that I'll be doing for sure will be in Bruised in May. Until then, we'll just have to see what comes up.

Here's our entry for Little Hollywood, as well as some photos. Til next time!

- Little Hollywood Shootout -

Getting Kyle all gussied up for his death scene in the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. We used lipstick for the blood.

Waiting to start shooting at Three Lakes Ranch. That is my happy dance.
Robin and Ellie, looking mean and fly in their sci-fi western get-ups.

Robing and her laser canon, which was made from a Spiderman arm control thing, a hair dryer attachment, a bunch of random cords, and duct tape.

Tyler with his laser pistol in downtown Kanab city.

Tyler being studly at Three Lakes.

Ellie with her Clockwork Orange reminiscent eye make-up in the parking lot to our hotel.

Tyler in the dunes, looking very Daniel Craig.

Tyler laser pistol, which was made from a glue gun, the barrel of a curling iron, duct tape, a random wire, and a piece of metal that looked sort of like a scope. His arm band was made out of duct-tape, a battery pack or some kind, wire, and glow sticks.

The old run-down Moctezuma's Treasure museum on the Three Lakes Property. It's pretty rad.

Robin and Ellie at the dunes.

Anna setting up the camera on the wonky tripod.

Robin and Ellie being... Robin and Ellie.

Kyle's bionic eye-piece thing, made out of a hair dryer attachment, random bits of metal, wires, duct-tape, and a piece of orange gel from our light kit.

Stunts! Oh boy!

Our third place trophy! Hooray!

- Hit Me -

Setting up some lighting as we shoot in the totally awesome Old Spaghetti Factory in Taylorsville.

Dylan getting buzzed on Dr. Pepper.

Lots of chandeliers. And Huston's bashed up face.

Tyler being a thoughtful manager.

Drinkin' it up! Apple juice and Coke never tasted so good!

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